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LAIF is the first Corporate Venture Capital Fund in Latin America focused on the insurance world

Insurance Innovation through Technology.

Insurtech is changing the landscape of the insurance industry, and LAIF is looking for startups to spearhead this change

About LAIF Latin America Insurance Fund

LAIF is a venture capital fund  made up of  insurance companies that invest exclusively in  InsurTech.  It was founded in 2018 in the city of Buenos Aires and its field of development  is Latin America. The goal is to boost Innovation in Insurance, investing in start-ups that develop products and services that  have a positive impact on Insurance Business and in the way consumers deal with insurance.

We want to build a space that links Insurance companies to  start-ups in Insurtech.  In order to do so we have a team of highly qualified  professionals, with decades of experience achieved in top positions within the insurance market and that today serve as reference  for Insurtech within the región.

We are focused on Latin America,  we are proactive investors that seek the best investment opportunity  by making a detailed analysis  of the different practices within the insurance  field and of the technological entrepreneurship ecosystem for the región.

Founding Investors